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Craft students into academic leaders through content bootcamps

Student-centered experiences are some of the most impactful teaching tools in the classroom. Empowering students gives them agency of their learning. When students see themselves as leaders those benefits grow exponentially.

I teach an elective class that has a mix of new and repeating students each year. Veteran students tend to take on leadership roles and “train” the new students on the basics of the class.

This year, students wanted to expand that process to a full-fledged bootcamp. We collaborated as a team to create the three-week bootcamp lesson sequence described below:

ISTE-C Standard 4A says that education technology coaches, “Collaborate with educators to develop authentic, active learning experiences that foster student agency, deepen content mastery and allow students to demonstrate their competency.”

Putting students in charge of their learning makes education active. They are able to demonstrate their competencies when they become teachers themselves. Sometimes the best “educators” to collaborate with are the students in your classroom.

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