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Tim Kitson

Tim Kitson is an English teacher at Perrysburg High School in Ohio.  He earned a bachelor’s degree in English from Michigan State University in 2010.  Currently Tim is working toward a master’s degree in classroom technology from Bowling Green State University.

The purpose of this portfolio is to showcase the work Tim has done throughout his master’s program and his career.  Tim strives to lead others through collaboration.

Professionally, Tim is interested in the pedagogy of technology integration in the high school and collegiate setting.  The primary focus of his master’s coursework examined how audio can be used to teach writing.  

Tim is a level-two Google Certified Educator and was named an Ohio RESA Top 100 educator.

As a native of Flint, Michigan, Tim cares deeply about social justice and the role of the individual in its pursuit. 

Personally, Tim is interested in running, cycling, cooking and eating.  He has two children, Jameson, 2, and Oliver, 11 months, whom he loves dearly.  His wife, Kate, is his rock.

Tim can be reached at:
Twitter: @kitsonphs

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